Weekly Question (Q+A): Where Do You Park?

By vaughn
December 4, 2019
2 min read

Starting this week (Dec 4, 2019), I will answer one of the many questions submitted by Tiny Home Truck Newsletter subscribers! If you’d like to submit your own question to be answered, click here!



“Where do you park?”


This question is one I get quite often as it’s an instinctive question. When you live in a stationary dwelling (house/apt/etc), you don’t have to consider “where” to go when your day is done or when you need to sleep. You just…well, you go “home”. You have an address and maybe a place to park your car if you drive.

With mobile living and van-life, where you park needs to be considered pretty much every day or at least weekly. If you can find a good spot to park and stay a few days, that’s always a big win. Some places that are popular for van-lifers to park include:

  • Walmart – Most of the Walmarts in the U.S. allow overnight parking for truckers and RV’ers. They’re well-lit, safe and you have access to a store that has everything and stays open pretty late.
  • Beach communities
  • Icognito – Some of us van-lifers have gotten good at blending in with cars parked on the street. You could pass by and not even know it. We can literally be anywhere.

For me, I have a list of places that I park in Los Angeles. I even have them saved in my Google Maps app along with any restrictions that may exist in that area. There are a few areas in Los Angeles that do not allow overnight parking for vehicles longer than 22 feet and higher than 7 feet tall. With this life, it’s more of an “ask for forgiveness than permission” type of situation. I have found some of the best places to park just by trial and error. If I get a ticket, I’m okay with that because rent is not a factor. As long as I pay the tickets in a timely fashion, the cost stays low. I’ve parked at: street meters in Downtown LA, CVS parking lots, Walmart and the best of all is the street with no meters and no restrictions. These are like gold.

So if you’re venturing into van-life, don’t be afraid to do the trial-and-error experiment with parking because it really depends on your vehicle and how you operate.

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