Weekly Question (Q+A): Where Do Go to The Bathroom?

By vaughn
In General
December 14, 2019
2 min read

Ahhh yes. The question of the century!

Right? When living mobile or in a van, everyone wants to know how and when you go to the bathroom. For me initially, I found out very quickly that I needed to get a toilet (dry flush or composting). I would wake up and naturally have to use the bathroom in the morning. So the solution was to get dressed as fast as possible and find a cafe or grocery store that had a restroom I could use.

And believe it or not, I hoarded big bottles (Gatorade bottles, 1 gallon water bottles, etc). Anything I could find because sometimes, walking somewhere to use the bathroom wasn’t feasible. This also influenced where I parked. Since I didn’t have a toilet in the beginning, I needed to park near a cafe or Starbucks.

Fortunately, that isn’t my life anymore and I have a dry flush toilet! It’s made by a company called Laveo and essentially it’s a big bag in which to use the restroom. Each flush pulls the bag down and twists it at the top creating a new air tight pocket for you to go to the bathroom again and again, without smell.

This was much more feasible and easier to manage than a composting toilet. I did quite a bit of research and people actually were switching from composting to dry flush.

What are your thoughts on having a toilet and how important it is?

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