Episode 2 | Planning: Interior & Floor Plan

In this week’s episode, I talk planning and how I managed to use past skills/education to help me visualize this truck! If you watched the episode on YouTube then you saw the my drawings and renderings using Sketchup, Adobe Illustrator, and my Moleskine notebook. Moleskine Notebook Sketches This was ground zero for my planning phase….

By vaughn
4 min read

Ceiling & Roof Issues

The Problem I’ve been working on the ceiling and planning out what I want to do with it. I think the way to go is wood paneling, possibly cedar since it’s light and works well with moisture…plus it looks beautiful. The roof of the truck is actually fiberglass on the outer shell and it’s supported…

By vaughn
2 min read

Episode 1 | Building a Tiny Home In a Step Van

This episode is an introductory video explaining what I’m doing and why I’m doing it! Also find out where I’ll be traveling to once I’m done with the truck!

By vaughn
1 min read

Here’s Why I’m Building a Tiny Home Truck

I left Los Angeles, California in July 2018 headed to Maryland for two reasons: to spend some quality time with my mom and to build a tiny home…inside of a step van (think FedEx type of truck). That’s right, inside of a step van truck. Let’s explore why:

By vaughn
7 min read