Do’s and Don’ts

This page will constantly be updated so make sure to check back.

  • When securing your floor it may help to have one person inside and the other underneath so you both can quickly map out the holes to drill. I had to constantly go up and down, measure three times, then drill. Fortunately, I’m diligent so I only had one or two holes that didn’t work.
  • DO – Measure 3 times and cut once
  • DO – Wear gloves when dealing with the sound absorbent material. The shiny foil exterior looks harmless but it’s actually pretty rigid. I sliced my finger twice in one swipe as I was pressing it against the wall of my truck
  • Safety first. DO Wear glasses and gloves at all times. Even if it seems silly. There are so many levels to this and you want to be safe. Wearing a mask when cutting metal and wood is good idea as well. The particulates are so small that you don’t realize they’re in your system until you go to blow your nose and you see a bunch of wood-colored snot. Yuck.
  • When using an angle grinder, besides wearing protective clothing, DO make sure there aren’t flammable objects near you including wood. Ideally you would use a grinder in a shop setting with a vice to hold whatever metal you need to cut down.
  • DO use masking tape to map out your floor plan before laying the structural components helps with execution because it allows you to see the area in which you’re building before hand.
  • DO Make sure you know the dimensions of your vehicle space before you start designing
  • DON’T park underneath trees with Maxx Air Fans or Fantastic fans open – unless you’re willing to deal with ants and other smaller insects