Ceiling & Roof Issues

By vaughn
November 17, 2018
2 min read

The Problem

I’ve been working on the ceiling and planning out what I want to do with it. I think the way to go is wood paneling, possibly cedar since it’s light and works well with moisture…plus it looks beautiful.

The roof of the truck is actually fiberglass on the outer shell and it’s supported by aluminum beams (roughly 9 laterally and 2 length-wise) inside. The beams are sturdy but they may start sagging if a considerable amount of weight is put on them.

Features of the truck that are affected by this:

  1. Installing the solar panels on the roof
  2. Installing the paneling inside, on the ceiling
  3. Installing fans in the ceiling

At first, for the solar panels, I thought about building a roof rack out of steel that would be raised about 5 to 6 inches off the roof. However, this would decrease my “stealth” profile and make it seem more like an RV. I’m sure eventually it will come to that but for now I am aiming for “just a random green delivery truck”. My next thought naturally took me to item #2: the ceiling.

Obviously if the ceiling cannot hold the weight of the panels without eventually sagging, then it most assuredly would not hold 126 sq. ft of wood paneling. Once I reinforce the internal ceiling, it will in-turn, reinforce the roof for the panels.

The Proposed Plan

What I plan on doing is reinforcing the ceiling on each individual crossbeam with two pieces of rebar and wood. Similar to what is done here: https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/document.do?docId=457

They basically routed a channel on the edge of a 2×12 piece of wood and then glue in some rebar. Once dried, they basically sandwich the beam that needs to be supported. Although my beams aren’t quite as big (appx 2.5 inches in width), I think I can do the same thing with mine.

I’ll keep you posted!



Carla Joelle Brown

Hello Vaughn, this is a great surprise to come across your site. I receive the Nomadness emails and saw you featured. I love that you are creating your own tiny home. This is something that I have been thinking about for some time, especially after recently returning from a 24 day on the road filming a documentary about my grandparents’ travel by trailer. Life is out there to be experienced and it doesn’t happen in the 9-5 rat race. I think the best gift of travel in the US specifically, is that in this current climate, meeting people in person makes it much easier to see that we aren’t that different from each other.

I would love to know if you would be interested and available to interview – we are looking to talk to more nomads on the road to show the range of people and their motivation. We are in Maryland as well!

Carla Joelle Brown

Hello Vaughn, this is epic. I receive the Nomadness email and noticed your feature. I was pleasantly surprised for two reason. First, I have been considering a tiny home in my future, especially after recently returning from a recent trip 24 days on the road filming part of a documentary in the southwest and northwest. And I would love to know if you would be interested in being interviewed for the documentary film. Even though I have traveled to almost every state, we realized that one of the key things we still want to film are the stories of the people that decide to call the road their home. Inspired. Thanks.


Hey Carla! That’s so dope about the documentary. And yes I’d absolutely be down to do an interview. You can even come here and film during a build day if you want!

Carla Joelle Brown

Yikes! I thought the first comment hadn’t gone thru. Either way, now you know in many words what I thought. That would be great to catch you on a build day. When you have time, hit me up and I would love to get your build schedule and I will talk to my folks and let’s make this happen.

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