Weekly Question (Q+A): Where Do Go to The Bathroom?

Ahhh yes. The question of the century! Right? When living mobile or in a van, everyone wants to know how and when you go to the bathroom. For me initially, I found out very quickly that I needed to get a toilet (dry flush or composting). I would wake up and naturally have to use…

Weekly Question (Q+A): Where Do You Park?

Starting this week (Dec 4, 2019), I will answer one of the many questions submitted by¬†Tiny Home Truck Newsletter¬†subscribers! If you’d like to submit your own question to be answered, click here!   Question: “Where do you park?” Answer: This question is one I get quite often as it’s an instinctive question. When you live…

Episode 1 | Building a Tiny Home In a Step Van

Episode 1 | Building a Tiny Home In a Step Van

This episode is an introductory video explaining what I’m doing and why I’m doing it! Also find out where I’ll be traveling to once I’m done with the truck!